Work hard play hard

You know these weeks that you work so much, so many days in a row that you´re totally exhausted and tired already in the middle of the week?

Like people are talking to you and you´re just in your own world not responding to anything. Basically, like a wall. Well, that happens to me a lot, I´m a very hard-working person, especially now that I have my own company that I´m responsible of. I usually work a lot in the beginning of the week, I mean literally a lot, some Mondays and Tuesdays I  can work over 12 hours a day, although it´s not necessary. And, imagine, Jammu works even more than me! Don´t get me wrong here though, I also like to enjoy life a lot, so yes, I work hard, and I also play hard. If you can say like that.

I still need to work a lot with myself to learn how to work in a more relaxed way and to learn how to not be so extreme in all my actions. Many weeks I might do all the work for the week by Wednesday, which, as I already said, is not necessary at all. I´m a bit like “all or nothing” personality, same as Jammu, either we go all in with working, or all in with drinking, or not.

I will take an example from last week, that is so me, and also, so Jammu. Everyone who knows us both, they know what I´m referring to, you will too, if you keep reading.

We worked a lot Monday to Wednesday, now we´re talking easily about over 12 hours a day. When the week arrived at Thursday, we were both so tired and exhausted.

This situation is usually the worst to go out for “a couple of drinks” since especially me, I´m very easy to convince, and in this moment, you don´t even need to convince me to have one drink more, since, probably, I´m already picking the next drinks up for us at the bar.

That´s exactly what happened last week, on a Thursday, when there´s basically nothing going on in whole Andorra. It was though, a pretty hilarious night, since there were two guys from Finland entering our so called “living room” (meaning our favorite wine bar: 13.5 next to home), at around 1 a clock in the night. Of course, I have had a few wine glasses already then, so I was soooooo happy to meet people from Finland. One of the reasons I was so happy or surprised as well, is that I have actually never, since I moved to Andorra, neither heard Finnish language or met people from Finland here. I´m not going to go into more details from the night, since as you can probably imagine, after keeping up the Finnish drinking culture, we all went out to the super mega nightlife in Andorra on a Thursday night.

I did though manage to even work a bit on Friday, imagine that! Hahaha.

On Saturday, there was a surprise party for one of our very good friend that turned 40, that´s where the picture is from, since I can tell you. The pictures from the earlier mentioned Thursday night, is not worth publishing.

Sorry for the long blogpost, I just needed to write down this night so I can later remember myself that I really need to learn how to not be so extreme in all my actions.

Btw, one last comment! Our trip to Route66 is getting closer, so be ready for way more blogposts in July!

Have a great week everyone!


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