If you ever visit Marrakesh, be sure you also make a tour to one of the deserts.

We had booked a 2 day and 1-night trip with Marrakesh Desert Trips, where you travel from Marrakesh to the Zagora desert, making several stops on the way. It is a quite long trip, since it takes around 7 hours from Marrakesh to the desert, but since you stop on the way it was not too bad.

On the way we stopped by the village: Aït Benhaddou, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. The village has been featured in several movies and series (if there are any Game of Thrones fans you might need to visit it), and it was a really cool place to visit. It was windy as f*ck as you can see on the images, but they sell scarfs so no need to worry.

When we arrived at the desert we travelled 1 hour to the desert camp with Dromedaries (basically a camel but with just one bump instead of 2). I did not really know what to expect, but what I know is that the camp and the people surprised me very positively. While drinking tea in the middle of the desert, listening to Berbers playing drums, you had literally no worries in the world. I actually wish that we would have took 1 day longer trip, since it was such a peaceful place and experience.

It costed 65€ including also dinner + breakfast. There is an option to take a “upgraded” desert camp, where you will be guaranteed a hot shower + private tent which we took, that was an extra 14€ / person, meaning we paid in total 79€ / person. I think it was easily one of the best 80€ I have ever spent – highly recommended trip!



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