What a trip. I mean it left me speechless, there were so many cool, unique, beautiful and spectacular places in this country. Although it was a lot of travelling, I mean in total we took around 8- 9 internal flights within Colombia, I don’t even remember how many exactly haha. And we spend also a loooot of hours on the road to be able to reach the most remote places. BUT – was it worth it? Was it worth all the sleepless nights? HELL YESSS!!!

I wanted to make a short blogpost about each one of the places, in the same order that we visited them. You can also click to the original blogpost of that specific place and read more about it.

Colombia is definitely a place you should visit, and all of the places we visited are highly recommended. My favorites were The Amazon, Cartagena & Medellín, but I mean Eje Cafetero and the lost city trek were also awesome, Bogotá is probably the place I did not like so much. Still, Bogotá was also a cool city.

Ciudad Perdida – the lost city trek (4 days)

The lost city trek is a unique and amazing experience that I will never forget. 4 days of trekking in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by indigenous communities. It is a quite hard trekking if you are not prepared, so I would not suggest this for “newbies”. I was not neither really prepared, and that is probably why I spend one day suffering (puking and without energy). Full blogpost about the lost city.

Cartagena (5 days)

Cartagena, oh what a beautiful place. Filled with colors, music and art. We also had the fortune of being invited to the most epic wedding ever in Cartagena (actually the whole reason why we travelled to Colombia). We spend quite a few days here, and I really think they all were worth it. 1 of the days we took a boat tour to a smaller island, which was really nice, and another we partied for 12 hours on a boat (after wedding party). Full blogpost about Cartagena.

Santa Marta – Tayrona Natural Park – Palomino (2 days)

This part of the trip was probably the most tiring, since we had to travel a lot with bus / car within a short time, and for us it was like going backwards. We started the whole trip from Santa Marta (next to the Lost city), and now we had to travel back. But that was a bit of shitty planning from our part. The Tayrona Natural Park was nice, but I would recommend you stay there over the night if you visit it, like that you can enjoy it more. Instead we had booked a really nice resort in Palomino, but again, travelling a lot instead of relaxing. In Palomino I would have happily stayed few days extra just to chill. Full blogpost about Santa Marta.

Bogotá (3 days)

Last event of the 1-week long wedding was in Bogotá, in the famous Andrés Carne de Res restaurant. Or should I call it a bar, discotheque, or maybe just jungle party? Anyways, very fun place if you travel to Bogotá! Bogotá was very cold compared to the places we had stayed in before, so obviously I got a nasty flu here…… Must visit in Bogotá is the Candelaria neighborhood – and Monserrate, which is a nice viewpoint to see all Bogotá from above . Full blogpost about Bogotá.

Eje Cafetero (2 days)

Coffee, palm trees, nature and awesome sceneries – that´s what Eje Cafetero (the coffee triangle) is all about! Make sure you visit, or even stay in a Coffee farm like us, where you can learn everything about the coffee process. Another must if you are here, is obviously the Instagram famous Cocora Valley with all the tall palm trees. The small towns Filandia & Salento are also highly recommended, with all their colorful houses and shops. Full blogpost about Eje Cafetero.

Medellín (2 days)

Medellín was a place that I really enjoyed, not just the city, but also the surrounding areas & towns. What you definitely need to visit if you are here is the cable car that they actually use for public transport, a view point to see Medellín from above (there are several), Comuna 13 (District 13, famous for all the cool street arts), El Peñol (a town nearby with this high rock that you can climb up to with amazing views), and Guatapé (the cutest town ever – trust me). Full blogpost about Medellín.

The Amazon (5 days)

Last, but certainly not the least awesome place of our trip, was The Amazon. Since it was basically in the middle of Brazil and Peru, I can also say I have visited those countries hehe. We stayed in a very very nice natural reserve in Peru, and to get there we had to cross The Amazon river. And another night we spend in a big tree house in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by huge tarantulas and plenty of other not so cute insects. The Amazon river is a place you definitely need to visit, so much nature and animals. Imagine seeing pink dolphins, sloths, catamarans and a lot more, just few meters from you – in their own natural habitat. Full blogpost about The Amazon.

That was it from our Colombia trip! Better late than, never right? The trip was in April, but I have been a bit busy lately, so the blogposts are a bit “after”.

Tomorrow we are heading with some friends for a 1-week boat trip in Canal du Midi (France). I will upload some photos from there when I am back.



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